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Born 1972, music, style, what's current, and anything you can't think about has been in my life ever since. My influence to become a Dj I can thank my good childhood friend Rickey Randle.(right around the corner on Concordia and Oxford) And me, I grew up on the Carroll and Oxford side. Going to his Mother's house(Lee's house of beauty; she was a hairdresser then) as early as 1979 and picking up mixtapes for 5 dollars(yes I did what kids do in the hood back then to come up with 5 bucks for some music; and it involved no stealing)(cutting lawns, serving drinks, washing cars, helping elders) Seeing Ricky scratch back in those days was amazing. The hard songs back in those days were Buffalo Dance, hey DJ, songs like that. I told him in 1980 age I was going to be a Dj too. Our hip-hop culture and music culture was very rich in the StP at that period(1976-1988). Coming Soon................. More Facts........ Never Fiction........... Just ask my highschool(1988 Park Cottage Grove talent show; also on archives at the Cottage Grove cable station) fan DJ No-mic(B96)(Remember the Flavor Flav clock you used to wear around your neck after you return to school the next fall after seeing Me;Supersport, Shane Ross;beatboxer/micheal jackson dancer, and Eddie Moore; beatboxer, and now know as Magik rip the stage up, and expose real hip-hop to the suburban masses? I literally did it big. Sound reinforcement the whole works! Received two years back to back Outstanding Achievement Awards in Advanced Popular Recording/Engineering (1989-90, 1990-1991) St. Paul Central High School, "DMG" I know you can get back right. First Video: PBS special. American History; Rap video about the old trading post(spring 1990). First Demo produced: 1989, artist name: Monroe, a.k.a. Killer Grip of Get Money Family. Producing demos and performance demo's for Cool Tra and DJ Big Reece(B96) (1989-91) Following EDI Mean aka Malcom from The Outlawz(spring 1990) Present and former attachments: CGP (Cold Gettin Paid Productions)(1989-1991) E-Train Management (1991-1992) Sole producer of Mad Ron until his untimely death in 1992(he was about to sign with Rap-a-lot Records then) WHAT'S GOOD FLINT TOWN(MC Breed and family, A. Rison, TA, and my cooler's The Dayton Family) where's D at?.........LET'S GET PAID!!!! THEY OWE US!!!!! Minnesota boxing association(spring 1989)-opening and intermission performance. Eye to Eye Records(1999-2001) Atosennim Productions(1998-2001) Minnesota Regiment Album complilation(Gladiator Records,2005) Minnesota's Get out and vote Campaign sponsored by Minnesota HUD foundation, RAP(Ramsey Action Program) and Arlington High School(September2004) More Facts to come!!!!! Thank U Dj Supersport® Champion Claim Records, Champion Claim Entertainment© 2007-2017 All Rights Reserved© Bio update soon!!

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